Work undertaken

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With a broad range of conventional and CNC machines, we are able to undertake a wide range of machining operations including:


We produce a variety of machined parts and can supply complete items or perform as little as a single machine operation on free issue items such as shafts, gears, pulleys, base plates, housings, hubs, motor and pump stools, machine and lift guides, valve bodies and vanes.

Breakdown work

We provide essential support to many local businesses when part or machine failure brings their production or process to a standstill. An on-site visit is offered to deliver an early assessment when drawings are not available and detailed geometry needs to be taken by our engineers to enable an exact (or modified) replacement.


We are able to strip a machine or assembly, produce a detailed examination and recommendation report, then conduct work as instructed and agreed to meet customers’ exact requirements. The machine is then re-assembled and returned in a fully restored condition.

Machine & fitting services

Machined parts are assembled on site and we regularly visit customers locally to help in the fitment or installation of parts and assemblies. Our highly skilled fitters are on hand to satisfy the most exacting requirements.