Main machine shop capacity:


  • 6,000kg single item limit & 2 cranes at 3200kg capacity each
  • Three vertical borers in LH & RH variants with a maximum component size of 1800mm diameter and 1000mm height
  • Eight centre and facing lathes with the following key capacities:

Centre lathe: up to 920mm diameter and 6000mm length

Facing lathe: up to 2400mm diameter and 900mm length

CNC lathe: up to 500mm diameter and 960mm length

  • Three horizontal borers with up to 1200mm x 1200mm table size and 1600mm cross travel
  • Five milling machines with a maximum component size of 3200mm length, 1525mm width and 1525mm height
  • Two 1830mm (6ft) radial arm drills
  • Slotter with a maximum component size of 2400mm diameter, 600mm height and a maximum keyway depth of 360mm


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