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Machining large diameter flanges

Our capacity allows us to deal with large diameter items such as this 1800mm NB 16 bar rated blank flange for a pipe fabrication company, involved in supply and install of bespoke steel pipework and fittings. After turning and boring, the flange will have a 300 NB PN 16 invert level outlet for drainage purposes. …


Delivering complete solutions

We are manufacturing single components as well as delivering complete solutions like this crusher made for one of the leading manufacturer of crushing and size reduction equipment. This job involved turning a large shaft from black bar and manufacturing series of plates, bored in line to accept a set of hammer pins. The whole assembly …


Liquid Nitrogen Shrink Fitting

Liquid Nitrogen Shrink Fitting from Sam Slimak on Vimeo.


Machining the super duplex

We work with variety of materials at Copley Engineering. This large valve is made of high grade super duplex, 25% chromium and copper-free stainless steel. It provides excellent strength and ductility combined with high marine corrosion resistance. Machining the super duplex is much more difficult and as a very complex job, requires experience and precision. This valve is going to be used …