Copley Engineering’s roots trace back to the early 1900’s when the company formed as James Garside & Sons. Although no longer connected to our business, the Garside family is still operating in Halifax in the haulage and storage sectors.

The 1980’s saw the adoption of the current name; derived from our works and Head Office which is based in Copley, Halifax, West Yorkshire. At the time, the company was owned by Barry Greenwood, who not only changed the name of the business but also its direction.

Copley Engineering has always been based in the same custom built workshop and initially employed a team of millwrights before making the progression over many years to general engineering in reflection of the changing marketplace. The company has and always will be a traditional business, with quality and service at the core of its values. It has furnished many industries over the years including Foundries, Textiles, Lifts, Quarries, and Fabrications to name but a few.

The company changed hands again in 2002 to the present General Manager, Philip Moore, who became only the third owner of the business before it finally joined the IIE Group in 2015. The IIE Group seeks to acquire and develop well-established traditional engineering businesses, combining their vast skills and experience with a more forward thinking and customer focused outlook. At the same time, the Group is keen to help preserve the engineering skills that the UK is in danger of losing.